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Rev. Alice Johnson-Curl, Pastor

I accepted the call to serve Trinity Lutheran Church in Spring 2006.  Being part of this faith community is a blessing!  Without a doubt, the greatest gift the members have is the gift of hospitality.  Everyone who enters feels truly welcome.  There is a deep desire to discover what God is calling us to do and then moving into that ministry.  This is clearly witnessed in the new ministry With God We Can (read about this exciting ministry partnership under the link News and Press).  The people who gather as Trinity are committed to grow in faith and be Church.  It is a sacred privilege to be their pastor.


From the Pastor's Desk

September 2018

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

...the kingdom of God is within you.     Luke17:21b

One would think hearing this from Jesus would excite, reassure, encourage. But when the Pharisees heard Him, they were none of these. They continued to challenge Jesus and ultimately plotted to end His proclamation by killing Him.

How do you hear this announcement? What does it mean to you, for your life? Is your spirit excited, reassured, encouraged? I wonder how seriously the Church takes these words.

Here's the thing - God has claimed us, you and me included, to be the presence (and even partner) of Christ right now, which might be good reason to pause and reflect how our lives, what we say and do, reflect God's kingdom of love and peace and wholeness and forgiveness and welcome and life.

Do others see the kingdom of God within us?

Thank you for your partnership in ministry.

You continue in my prayers.

Breathe peace,

Pastor Alice

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