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Rev. Alice Johnson-Curl, Pastor

I accepted the call to serve Trinity Lutheran Church in Spring 2006.  Being part of this faith community is a blessing!  Without a doubt, the greatest gift the members have is the gift of hospitality.  Everyone who enters feels truly welcome.  There is a deep desire to discover what God is calling us to do and then moving into that ministry.  This is clearly witnessed in the new ministry With God We Can (read about this exciting ministry partnership under the link News and Press).  The people who gather as Trinity are committed to grow in faith and be Church.  It is a sacred privilege to be their pastor.


From the Pastor's Desk

November 2017

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

The eyes of all look to You, and You give them their food in due season.”     Psalm 145:15

Luther connected this passage with the petition in the Lord's Prayer, Give us this day our daily bread. He went on to write that the word give is significant in that it reminds us that all we have --our food, our clothing, homes, family, lives are gifts from God.

He says that "...when we look at a field of wheat, we should think not only of God's goodness but also of His power..."

God blesses us with abundant gifts that provide for ourselves as well as afford the opportunity to share these gifts with others.

Thank you for your partnership in ministry.

You continue in my prayers.


Pastor Alice

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