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Rev. Alice Johnson-Curl, Pastor

I accepted the call to serve Trinity Lutheran Church in Spring 2006.  Being part of this faith community is a blessing!  Without a doubt, the greatest gift the members have is the gift of hospitality.  Everyone who enters feels truly welcome.  There is a deep desire to discover what God is calling us to do and then moving into that ministry.  This is clearly witnessed in the new ministry With God We Can (read about this exciting ministry partnership under the link News and Press).  The people who gather as Trinity are committed to grow in faith and be Church.  It is a sacred privilege to be their pastor.


From the Pastor's Desk

February 2018

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

Judas Iscariot...began to look for a way to betray Jesus     Mark 14:10-11

Lent will begin soon.

But first, we'll share laughter and pancakes and fun in and with community.

Then, after the syrup is put away, the Church's mood will change. Conversation will include talk about what one is giving up for Lent -- usually lament about doing without soda or chocolate or desserts or maybe TV. Yes, what a sacrifice for forty long, dismal days! But same as New Year's resolutions, our commitment is often short-lived; often we look for loopholes and excuses to our self-imposed Lenten fast.

Maybe, this year, we might instead engage in spiritual disciplines, spend time in honest self-reflection, consider how we (like Judas) find ways to betray Jesus. Perhaps, during this forty day journey to the cross, you and i might pray the Psalms, share Sunday and mid-week worship, confess our brokenness and need for a Saviour willing to carry our sins to Golgotha.

And so, I hope to see you on Shrove Tuesday with fingers sticky with syrup. Hope to see you on Ash Wednesday with a cross of ashes traced on your forehead. Hope to have you as a companion during this Lenten journey.

Thank you for your partnership in ministry.

You continue in my prayers.


Pastor Alice

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